Checklist before moving in - Private Renters in Camden

Checklist before moving in


  • How much is the rent?  
  • Will you have to pay a deposit? 
  • Does the landlord accept housing benefit? 
  • Will you get enough housing benefit to cover the rent?  
  • How much council tax will you have to pay? 
  • What's the average monthly heating bill? 
  • Are there any other bills to pay e.g. water? 

Location and transport

  • How far away is the property from your place of work or study?  
  • How far away is it from family and friends?  
  • Are there useful shops close by?  
  • Is the property on a bus or train route?  
  • If you have special health needs, are there suitable medical facilities practitioners nearby? 
  • Are there good nurseries and schools nearby?  
  • Is the area well lit?  
  • Would you feel safe travelling home at night? 


  • Is the wiring safe? Check to see if any fittings, plugs, etc, are loose from the wall. 
  • Are the electrical appliances safe? Your landlord should get them checked every 12 months. Usually the electrician will put a sticker on the plug of each appliance saying when they were last checked.  
  • Is there sufficient ventilation e.g. fan to bathrooms, openable windows to bedrooms and living rooms?  
  • Can your landlord show you a valid gas safety certificate (needed every year) and an electrical installation condition report (EICR) (needed every five years) ?  
  • Are there working smoke alarms?  
  • Is there a fire blanket in the kitchen?  
  • Does the furniture comply with safety regulations? Items such as sofas and mattresses should have labels on them to show they pass the regulations.  
  • How secure are the locks on the doors and windows?  
  • Does the front door have more than a simple ‘yale’ type lock e.g. a dead lock?  
  • Is there a spyhole so you can see who's outside?  
  • If the property is a flat, does it have an entry phone system? 

Energy efficiency  

  • Does the property have an energy performance certificate? 
  • What form of heating does the property use? 
  • Are the windows single glazed or double glazed, Are they draughty? 

General condition of the property 

  • Is it big enough for you and your household?  
  • Is there any sign of damp, such as mould on the walls or carpets?  
  • Is the property big enough for all your belongings?  
  • Where are the gas and electric meters?  
  • Do all the lights work?  
  • Do the taps work? 
  • Does the shower work?  
  • How much furniture is provided?  
  • What condition is the furniture in?  
  • Is there enough storage space?  
  • Is there a washing machine?  
  • Is a vacuum cleaner provided?  
  • Are the curtains and carpets in a reasonable condition?  
  • Are any kitchen utensils and pans supplied?  
  • Does the cooker work?  
  • Does the fridge work? 
  • How clean is the kitchen?  
  • Are there any internet and TV connections?  
  • What is the mobile coverage like inside the property? 

Outside the property  

  • Who is responsible for cleaning the communal areas?  
  • Is there a back yard or garden?  
  • If so, is it secure?  
  • Who is responsible for the garden?  
  • How is rubbish collected?  
  • Is there a wheelie bin or bin house?  
  • What's the outside of the building like?  
  • Are any of the gutters broken?  
  • Do any roof tiles look loose?  
  • Is the brickwork crumbling at all? 

The landlord 

  • If occupied by more 3 or more sharers, does the property have an HMO licence?  
  • Would you feel able to approach the landlord/managing agent if anything went wrong? 
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