Sheltered housing for over 65s - Private Renters in Camden

Sheltered Housing

Sheltered Housing helps older people to live more independently in the community.

The Council and housing associations have a range of homes for let. 

What are the benefits of Sheltered Housing?

  • A home that is self-contained and suitable for residents with mobility issues
  • A secure tenancy after the initial introductory period, giving you security of tenure
  • Affordable rents across the borough 
  • Sheltered housing managers on-site during the week to support residents
  • A community for residents with regular social activities and events

How do I apply for Sheltered Housing?

You can apply for Sheltered Housing by filling out the rehousing form.

If you are living in private rented accommodation and would like to find out more, please contact the assessment officers on 0207 974 1991 or 0207 974 4764. Alternatively, email [email protected]

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