Moving out checklist - Private Renters in Camden

Moving out checklist

  • Find your tenancy agreement and any attachments 
  • Find your move-in inventory 
  • Clean the property and make sure it is in the same condition as when you moved in, apart from fair wear and tear.  
  • Attend move-out inventory inspection 
  • Pay your bills 
    • Make sure you pay all your bills before moving out – gas, electric, broadband, council tax , water etc. 
    • Take photos of your electric and gas meter readings when you leave. 
    • Contact all companies you pay before you move out to tell them date you will be leaving. This should prevent you being charged for anything once you leave. 
  • Redirect your post to your new address 
  • Parking permit – if you have a parking permit, make sure you call the council to arrange for it to be cancelled or altered for your new address. 
  • Notify the following of your change of address (not all of these will apply to you): 
    • Letting agent 
    • Old local council 
    • New local council (could be the same) 
    • Council tax 
    • Electricity supplier 
    • Gas supplier 
    • Water supplied 
    • Landline phone / broadband / mobile phone 
    • DVLA (for your car) 
    • Employer 
    • Band and credit card provider 
    • Insurance / pension provider 
    • Schools / Universities 
    • Doctor / Dentist 
  • Make arrangements for your moving out day 
  • Remove and dispose of any rubbish,  food or unwanted items and ensure you have defrosted fridge and freezers safely.  
  • Return keys to your letting agent or landlord 
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