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My tenant rights

Landlords or managing agents are responsible for the safety and maintenance of rented properties and the way it is managed.

Right to a safe and well maintained home

The landlord must maintain the structure and exterior and ensure the property is free from serious hazards. They should deal with any water, gas or electricity supply problems. Any appliances and furniture supplied with the property must also be maintained. 

Smoke alarms should be fitted on every floor and carbon monoxide alarms in rooms with appliances using solid fuels – such as coal and wood. 

Carry out gas and electrical safety checks 

A gas safety inspection should be carried out annually and an electrical safety inspection every five years. These certificates should be supplied to the tenant at the start of the tenancy.

Energy Efficiency 

The property must have as a minimum an EPC rating Band E. The EPC certificate for the property should be supplied to the tenant at the start of the tenancy and be included in any advert for the property. 

Tenancy deposit protection

Your tenancy deposit, if one is taken, should be protected in an approved tenancy deposit scheme within 14 days of it being paid, and you should be sent details of the scheme used within 28 days.

Right to landlord details

If you do not know your landlord’s name and address you have the right to request this from the managing agent or person who collects the rent (Landlord & Tenant Act 1985 – Section 1). Once the request is made it must be provided in writing, within 21 days. If the information is not provided ‘without reasonable excuse’ then this is a criminal offence.

Landlord visits – right to advance notice

The landlord or managing agent must give you at least 24 hours’ notice of proposed visits for things like repairs and those visits should take place at reasonable times. The landlord can enter your property without notice if it is an emergency. 

Harassment and illegal eviction

You have the right to live peacefully in your home. The Council can help if your landlord threatens you, harasses you or tries to physically remove you from the property without going through a proper eviction process.

Rent and rent increases

Your landlord or managing agent should tell you how and when it should be paid. If weekly you are entitled to a rent book. They must also follow rules on rent increases.

Help and advice

If you feel as though your tenant rights are not being met, or would like further advice, information on how to get help can be found here

If you need further help and support, contact the Private Sector Housing Team. Email or call 0207 974 5969.

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