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Student rentals

Finding suitable student accommodation is not always easy. Renting as a student can be slightly different to other types of renting. There are certain things to consider to be sure that the home is right for you.  

When and where to start looking 

It is recommended to start looking for properties one to two months before you need to move. The University of London housing service (ULHS) holds a housing fair each year, where private student accommodation is advertised. Other places to look include: 

Choosing who to live with 

The people that you live with whilst studying can make a big difference to your university or college experience. Finding the right flatmates for you is an important part of choosing your home. Things to consider include, budgets, lifestyle, schedules and contract length.  

The ULHS has a flatmate finder Facebook group, which can help in your search for flatmates. They also run events where you can meet people who are also looking for flatmates. Most universities and colleges will have their own social media pages and events, where you can connect with other students also looking for somewhere to live. 

Check your contract 

Before signing a contract, it is important that you read it carefully, and make sure it matches what you have discussed with your landlord or agent. If you are unsure, it is advised that you get someone trusted to take a look for a second opinion and use contract checking services. The ULHS offer appointments to check contracts with students.  

You can call on 0207 862 8880 or email them at [email protected] to book. Never sign a contract that you do not understand or agree with. 

Legal advice 

Whilst living in your home, you may be faced with issues that can be helped by seeking legal advice. It is important to know what options are available to you, and that you are being treated fairly and within your rights. Things that may require legal advice include:  

  • Getting your deposit back 
  • Leaving the property early 
  • Problems in the home that aren’t being resolved e.g. repairs, infestations or mould 
  • A break in a cause in your contract 
  • Intrusive landlords 

You can receive legal advice on these, and other situations from places such as 

When seeking legal advice, different places may recommend different action. To avoid conflicting information, use the same source for each issue. 

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