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Mobility and Disability Support

The Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG) can assist disabled residents to make changes to their home, for example to: 

  • Widen doors and install ramps to make it easier to get into and out of your home 
  • Improve access to rooms and facilities – e.g. stairlifts or a downstairs bathroom 
  • Provide suitable bathroom and kitchen facilities – e.g. level access shower, lowered kitchen worktops.  

Who can apply? 

  • A disabled person who is a tenant 
  • A tenant applying on behalf of a disabled person who is sharing your home 
  • A landlord applying on behalf of a disabled tenant.

In all cases, the disabled persons needs must be assessed by a Camden Occupational Therapist (OT). 

To be adapted, the property must be the only or main place of residence of the disabled person for five years following the completion of grant-aided work. 

What works can be considered?

Mandatory DFGs are payable for work to help you to live more independently in your home. A grant can pay for essential adaptations to give you better freedom of movement into and around your home. It is also available for essential facilities in your home. However, the works must be: 

  • Necessary and appropriate to meet the disabled person’s needs 
  • Reasonable and can be done – depending on the age and condition of the property 


An OT will first assess what works are required to meet your needs. This information can be forwarded for consideration for grant assistance. 


The majority of our grants require that applicants are either assured or regulated private tenants. Read more about the different type of tenancies.

Mandatory DFG’s are subject to a financial means test as you may need to contribute towards the cost of the adaptation works. Camden has also introduced a discretionary DFG, where if the cost of the proposed works are less than £10,000 no means testing will be required. 

You will need to have written permission from your landlord before the works can proceed. 

Please note that grants are not available where works have already been started and/or completed.  


Camden’s Home Improvement Service (HIS) operated by Metropolitan Thames Valley Housing Trust, can assist you with your application for a DFG. They can help in the following ways: 

  • complete the application form 
  • work with an OT and a Grants Officer to develop adaptation proposals 
  • discuss options with you 
  • seek, appoint and monitor contractors to complete adaptation works 

The HIS charge a fee for providing this support which is included in the grant award. 

Further details 

If you are interested in applying for grant assistance or have a question regarding eligibility, work types do please email us at [email protected]

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