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Anti-social behaviour (ASB)

What is ASB?

Anti-social behaviour (ASB) is a wide range of behaviours that can cause nuisance and annoyance or harm and distress to a person. It is a wide range of unacceptable activity, which can include disorders and crimes which affect people’s lives on a daily basis and makes you feel unsafe, or others unsafe.

Issues can include:

  • Noise nuisance and nuisance smells 
  • Drug related ASB (drug use, dealing)
  • Antisocial drinking
  • Threatening behaviour, verbal and physical threats and abuse
  • Vandalism and property damage
  • Using a property to sell drugs or for any other illegal activity
  • Harassment including incidents based on race, gender, religion, disability, or sexual orientation. If you are being harassed by your landlord and or property manager, please see our Harassment and threatened with eviction article
  • Abusive behaviour aimed at causing harm, distress or fear
  • Dumping rubbish
  • Arson

How to report ASB

As ASB covers a wide range of incidents it is dealt with by a number of different agencies depending on how serious it is and/or where it is happening.

To report ASB incidents as they are happening:

  • Call the Police on 999 for serious emergency incidents
  • Call the Police on 101 (24 hours) for non-emergency incidents or report using

To report ASB incidents after they have happened:

No single agency can tackle ASB alone and they locally work together in partnership to try and find solutions to problems.

ASB in shared homes

If the ASB is caused by someone else who you share your house with, then you should report this to your landlord who should take steps to resolve the issue. Unless it is an emergency and/or serious.

It’s useful to keep a diary of the nuisance behaviour so your landlord can see how severe and frequent the issue is.

If your landlord is not taking the appropriate action or attempting to resolve your issue, you can seek some independent legal advice from Citizens Advice.

Reporting regular ASB

To report ASB that is regularly happening in your neighbourhood and/or if you see someone who is homeless contact the Routes off the Street Team on 0808 800 005 or use the Safer Streets App

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