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Reclaiming my rent

A rent repayment order (RRO) allows you to reclaim a maximum of 12 months’ rent paid to a landlord or agent. 

Applications for an RRO can be made to the First-tier Tribunal if the landlord or agent has committed one of the following offences:

  • Using or threatening violence for securing entry into premises, under s.6 Criminal Law Act 1977
  • Illegal eviction or harassment, under s.1 Protection from Eviction Act 1977
  • Failure to comply with improvement notice, under s.30 Housing Act 2004. For example failing to fix a faulty switch 
  • Failure to comply with prohibition order, under s.32 Housing Act 2004. 
  • (From 6 April 2018) breach of banning order, under s.21 Housing and Planning Act 2016
  • Having control of, or managing, an unlicensed property, under s.95 Housing Act 2004
  • Having control of, or managing, an unlicensed house in multiple occupation (HMO), under s.72 Housing Act 2004

If you aren’t sure if your landlord has committed one of these offences, get in touch with one of the organisations listed below, who will be able to advise you.

There is no requirement for the landlord or agent to have been prosecuted but the tenants must be able to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the offence(s) has been committed before any RRO is awarded. Tenants must also be able to prove the amount of rent which is being claimed for was paid to the landlord/agent.

How to apply for a RRO

Applications must be made to the First-tier Tribunal within 12 months of the offence. An application can be made either by an individual tenant or tenants can make a joint application. 

There is a £100 application fee, which is split between tenants if a joint application is made. 

The application form for an RRO can be found on the First-tier Tribunal website.

Who can apply for a RRO?

Only private tenants can apply for an RRO. Council tenants and Housing Association tenants cannot apply for an RRO, although the Council may try to claim back any rent paid by housing benefit or universal credit. 

Will I be evicted if I apply for a RRO?

A landlord or agent cannot evict tenants if they apply for an RRO. The laws protecting tenancies will still apply and there are extra legal restrictions on evictions by landlords who are running unlicensed accommodation.

Further advice on RRO

If council officers have inspected your property then they may be able to provide you with a letter to assist your RRO application. We may also be able to confirm if an HMO licence application has been received and if so the date when it was submitted.

Find out more about Rent Repayment Orders

There are many other organisations who are also able to assist tenants with the RRO application and process:

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