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Harassment or threatened with eviction

Harassment can be when your landlord or agent behaves in a way which has an impact on your rights as a tenant and causes you alarm or distress. It may be that someone creates an atmosphere that makes you feel uncomfortable. This could be because you feel offended, intimidated, or humiliated.

Landlords are not allowed to pressure or intimidate you, or disrupt your enjoyment of your home. There are laws that protect you from harassment. 

It may be harassment if your landlord:

  • Tries to force you out of your home by threatening you
  • Is trying to force you to pay money to them
  • Is constantly calling/messaging you
  • Turns up at your home without any warning
  • Turns the electricity/gas off in your your

Harassment and illegal eviction are offences under the Protection from Eviction Act 1977. Make sure you know your rights and contact us for support if this is happening to you on 0207 974 5801

We are working hard to ensure all private agents and landlords provide good quality homes in Camden. The Private Sector Housing Team, Tenancy Relations Officers and Homelessness Prevention Advisers are here to support. 

We can: 

  • Talk to your landlord about your rights 
  • Tell your landlord that they are breaking the law 
  • Negotiate with your landlord 
  • Help you get back into your home if you've been illegally evicted
  • Investigate any disrepair in your flat and serve notice on your landlord to make sure repairs are carried out
  • Prosecute or fine your landlord in serious cases 
  • Provide information on how tenants can claim up to 12 months rent back

More information about harassment and illegal eviction can be found on the GOV.UK website and also Shelter's website.

If anyone tries to remove you or your belongings without legal notice, call the police on 999. This is a guide to how the police should respond. 


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