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What is a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO)? 

There are different types of shared housing. One of the most common is a house in multiple occupation, which is often referred to as an HMO. 

This is a house or flat shared by 3 or more people who are not part of the same family.

  • Example 1: A flat or house share occupied by 3 or more students or young professionals would be an HMO.
  • Example 2: A house which contains multiple bedsits or studio flats where tenants are sharing either the kitchen or the bathroom facilities together.  
  • Example 3: Flats within the same house that are occupied by a couple living with friends; or a brother and sister living with a friend in shared housing could also be an HMO because they are not all in one family.  

Another type of HMO is where a building is converted into self-contained flats but the conversion does not meet current building standards. In this type of HMO there will be shared communal areas, such as entrance way, stairways and landings but it does not have shared kitchens and bathrooms between the flats.

Find out more information on what is an HMO. 

What do I need to know? 

HMOs are regulated by local authorities to make sure they are safe and properly managed.  

Camden licenses most HMOs. If the landlords or property manager does not apply for an HMO licence, they commit an offence and the landlord can be prosecuted or fined.

Find more on which HMOs require a licence.

An HMO licence will contain conditions to ensure the property meets these certain health and safety standards. A licence will specify the number of persons allowed to live in the HMO.

If you are a tenant living in an unlicensed HMO you have rights. A landlord cannot evict a tenant living in an unlicensed HMO. A tenant may also be able to claim compensation. 

Is my property licensed with the Council?  

We have a register of all licensed HMOs.

If you can’t find the property you’re looking for contact us to check for you at: [email protected] 

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