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Nuisance smells or odours may come from a variety of sources such as poor drainage, restaurants, or food preparation - i.e. a kitchen extract system or industrial processes. 

The Council can only investigate smells or odours if they are causing a ‘statutory nuisance’. This means the smell is so bad and goes on for so long it significantly interferes with the enjoyment of your home or is likely to cause ill health. 

How can the Council help? 

The smell or odour must be coming from an industrial, trade or business premises. 

Smells from domestic properties like cooking or cigarette smoke are a civil matter between neighbours and we are unable to deal with these. 

Keep a diary 

It will be helpful for any investigation that you keep a detailed written diary of the problem. You should record: 

  • The date the smell occurred 
  • The time the smell started and ended 
  • A description of the smell and how it affected you 

Report a nuisance smell or odour 

The council must investigate complaints about odour/smell that could be a statutory nuisance where it is coming from industrial, trade or business premises. 

Call 020 7974 4444 or report a nuisance smell or odour online

Response service hours:
•    Monday to Friday: 9am to 5pm (last call at 4.30pm)
•    Monday to Thursday night: 6pm to 2am (last call at 1.30am)
•    Friday night: 9pm to 4:30am (last call at 4.00am)
•    Saturday: 1pm to 4:30am (last call at 4.00am)
•    Sunday: 10:30am to 2am (last call at 1.30am)

If the odour is happening during our response service hours, please report the odour via the online link above and ensure that you select the option that the ‘noise is happening now’. We aim to contact you within 1 hour. However, during periods of peak demand e.g. Friday/Saturday nights and during the summer months, this may not be possible.

We may need to carry out an assessment of the odour from inside your property. We are unable to attend if you do not answer our call. 

If the odour is not currently happening, we aim to contact you within five working days. 

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