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Who is my landlord?

It is important that you are aware who your landlord is, so that you can contact them if you need to report any issues. Good landlords or agents should always provide you with a written agreement that confirms who the landlord is, who you pay rent to and who you report any issues to.  

If you have a written agreement, then the landlord/agent details should be included with the agreement. You can also check any other documents given to you at the beginning of your tenancy such as a gas safety certificate, electrical safety certificate or information about your tenancy deposit.  

If you have not been provided with a tenancy agreement, then you can request this information from your landlord. If the information is not given within 28 days, then you are able to contact the Council who can investigate this for you. 

Can the council help me find my landlord?

The Council may be able to help tenants to find the name and address of my landlord. We hold a list of all licensed Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) within Camden and so if you live in a shared house it is a good idea to check this list first.

How do I search for my landlord?

You may be able to find your landlord’s details by searching the land registry website. It costs £3 for each copy of a title register which contains information on the legal owner of the property.  

There are some arrangements where landlords may rent to an agent who will then sub-let the property to the tenants who live in the property. This is called rent to rent and in these cases the details of the agent would not be available from the land registry. You can contact the Council in such cases who may be able to assist in finding out the name and address of your landlord. 

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