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As a private tenant, you have certain responsibilities, the main ones are:

Paying your rent

Paying the rent is your responsibility and it is one of the most important payments that you make. The amount you pay and when it is due will be written in your tenancy agreement.

If you are going to be late with your payment, let your landlord or managing agent know. If you get behind with your payments your landlord can take steps to evict you, so get advice and help as soon as possible. The Camden floating support service can offer help with this.

Though it can be tempting to do, particularly if the landlord has been slow in fixing things, do not withhold any rent if there are disrepair problems in the property.

Paying council tax

Council tax is a locally set tax, which is payable for each residential property. If you’re renting there will be a council tax payable for the property you live in. Check your tenancy agreement to find out who is responsible for paying it.

If you are responsible then you need to make the payments. If you are on a low income and or receiving benefits you might be eligible for council tax support. 

More information about Camden council tax, how to pay, support and exemptions can be found on the Camden website

Paying other bills 

If you don’t pay your utility bills you may be disconnected.

  • Take meter readings to find out how much has been used by the previous tenants
  • Contact the providers to set up your account, if you have a support worker, they can assist with this
  • You can pay your bills at the post office, online, by telephone or direct debit/ standing order – find the way that is easiest for you so you don’t miss payments
  • If you have a key meter it may be in the communal area
  • Seek your landlord’s permission before you change supplier for a better deal

Looking after the property

As a tenant you are responsible for looking after the property, which means keeping it clean and putting right any damage that you have caused. It will normally be up to you to sort out general maintenance such as changing light bulbs and unblocking sinks. 

You will need to get your landlord’s permission before you make any changes to the property such as decorating.

Your landlord is responsible for the exterior and the structure of the property, as well as the plumbing, wiring and heating. Find out more information on what repairs your landlord is responsible for.

Recycling and Rubbish

You are responsible for disposing of your recycling and rubbish properly when living in a rented property.

Check what goes in bins and the recycling A-Z of items

You can also download recycling posters for your kitchen or shared hallway. 

Your recycling should always be clean, dry and empty. Recycling bins, boxes or bags will not be collected if they contain anything that can’t be recycled. This includes black bin bags, textiles, nappies and food. 

Find out how to safely recycle electricals, batteries, clothing & shoes

Some food waste is unavoidable but that doesn't mean it has to go into your general rubbish bin. Many homes in Camden are eligible for our weekly food waste recycling service.

Find out more about food waste recycling in Camden

If you live in a house or a converted house you should put your bins, bags and boxes out for collection in the right place - at the front boundary, near the entrance of the property - before 7am on the morning of collection.

Check your collection day

If you live in a larger housing block, they often have larger communal bins for recycling, rubbish and food waste. Ask your caretaker, property manager or neighbour where to take your recycling and rubbish. 

Many flats above shops are on streets with time-banded collections. If you live in flats above shops you should only put securely bagged recycling and rubbish out at set times during the day. 

Check collection times for your flat

It is illegal to dump your waste on the street. This includes recycling and rubbish bags that are put out at the wrong time or in the wrong place, as well as large items such as fridges, mattresses and furniture. 

Large items can be taken to Regis Road Reuse and Recycling Centre (booking required)

Find out more about collections of large electricals and furniture

To find out more about recycling in Camden, visit

Taking responsibility for behaviour 

When you live in a privately rented property in Camden you are part of the neighbourhood and wider local community. Remember what you do will have an impact on your neighbours. You are responsible for making sure  your household doesn’t cause general annoyance. 

You can be evicted by the landlord for anti-social behaviour. 

Additional responsibilities 

Check your tenancy agreement as you may have additional responsibilities, for example keeping garden tidy. Remember any term in your tenancy agreement needs to be fair. 

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