Problems with other household members - Private Renters in Camden

Problems with other household members

You may be experiencing problems in your home with the people you live with for a range of reasons. As a tenant you have the right to live peaceful in your home. If someone you share with is difficult to live with or harassing you, you can take action. 

Speak to the Homelessness Prevention Advice Service on 020 7974 5801 for advice and to find out about your rights. 

If the problems you have are to do with a personal relationship or children that you live with, advice and help is available.

  • Relationship breakdown - if you are experiencing a relationship breakdown and want to separate, before you do anything you need to understand who is liable for the rent and what your rights are. 
  • Domestic Abuse - if you are experiencing domestic abuse, are worried about someone who might be or would like to know more about this issue, please visit our Camden website for more information on help with domestic abuse.
  • Family support in Camden - if you're feeling worried about your child, or you want to make a change in your life, Camden Early Help can help you, your children and your whole family. 
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