Housing grants and adaptations - Private Renters in Camden

Housing grants and adaptations

Camden has developed a Housing Renewal Assistance Policy to assist residents with improvements to their home. The targeted grants support private tenants, owner occupiers and landlords in Camden.

  • Disabled Facilities Grant - Adaptations and facilities to help disabled people live independently in their home 
  • Health and Safety Grant - Essential works of repair that remedy hazards that will seriously affect your health and/or safety 
  • Home Security Grant - Installation of approved domestic security measures 
  • Relocation Grant - Relocation costs to help you move to a more suitable accommodation should adaptation of your property not be appropriate/possible 
  • Warm Home Grant - Installation and maintenance of energy efficient/low carbon measures which directly improve, health, safety and well-being 


The majority of our grants require that applicants are either assured or regulated private tenants. Read more about the different type of tenancies. You will need to have written permission from the landlord for the works to be undertaken. 

Grant types 

For full details of the range of grants available, eligibility criteria and grant conditions please view the Housing Renewal Assistance policy. 

Please note that grants are not available where works have already been started and/or completed. If you are interested in applying for grant assistance or have a question regarding eligibility, work types do please email us at [email protected]

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