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How to get things fixed

Most landlords will take reports of disrepair seriously from their tenants. Unfortunately, there will be some that fail to act. 

Your landlord is responsible for most repairs: 

  • Electrical wiring 
  • Gas appliances 
  • Fire safety 
  • Common areas 
  • Structure and building exterior 
  • Baths, sinks, toilets and drains 
  • Damage to decorations 

However, do check your contract as you may have agreed to certain responsibilities. 

Your responsibilities 

  • Minor maintenance (changing lightbulbs, smoke alarm batteries) 
  • Safety checks on electrical equipment you own 
  • Keeping your home reasonably clean 
  • Fixing appliances and furniture you own 
  • Any damage caused by you, your family or guests 
  • Allowing access for repairs 

What to do if you've got a problem

  • Report any problems to your landlord as soon as possible 
  • If the problem is urgent, report by phone first  
  • Always follow up the issue in writing (letter, email or text)
  • Ask your landlord for timescales for the repair to be completed 
  • Tell your landlord that you will follow up if there is no progress 
  • Do not stop paying your rent.

What to do if you have no response 

  • Send another letter/email or text to your landlord, include when you reported it previously and the impact on your physical or mental health if applicable 
  • Allow a reasonable time period for your landlord to respond 
  • You may want to mention you will refer the matter to your local council if no response. 

If you still have no response

Contact the Council, or take your own action. The Council can take action using various legislation: 

Taking your own action 

The Home (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act 2018, introduced a duty on landlords to make sure that rented houses and flats are ‘fit for human habitation’ - safe, healthy and free from things that cause serious harm. 

If your property is not fit you can take your landlord to court, which can make them: 

  • Carry out repairs, and/or 
  • Pay compensation to you 

For further useful help around getting problems fixed with your property visit Shelter’s website

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