At risk of homelessness - Private Renters in Camden

At risk of homelessness in Camden

We can help to prevent you from becoming homeless.

Please tell us as soon as you can when you are at risk of homelessness so that we can help you. 

Contact us via the Camden website, email [email protected] or call us on 020 7974 5801 (9am-5pm, Monday-Friday) for more information.

Help is available to you

If you rent in Camden and have received an eviction notice, or if you have been told by your landlord that you need to leave, please know that help is available to you, including:

  • Information on your rights as a private renter
  • Help with talking to your landlord or letting agent on your behalf
  • Advice on financial support and support to prevent you from becoming homeless
  • Homelessness policy information.

Are you struggling with your tenancy?

Our Camden floating support service can help if you are struggling with your tenancy. The team are here to help before you reach the stage of receiving an eviction notice from your landlord. 

Camden floating support can help you with:

  • Managing rent arrears and your money
  • Benefits advice and keeping your tenancy 
  • How to register with a doctor or dentist, and accessing other health services.

How we can help you 

We can help you to keep your tenancy, or assist you with moving to somewhere new to live.

By working together we can agree a plan that includes steps we will both take to help you with your housing. If you do need to find somewhere new to live we may offer temporary housing. 

This applies when you are: 

  • A care leaver
  • Pregnant
  • A parent of a dependent children 
  • Vulnerable through age or ill health
  • In or have been in the armed forces  
  • Serving or have served a custodial sentence
  • Fleeing violence or abuse
  • In an emergency such as a fire or flood.

Our legal duty to you

If we have a legal duty to offer you housing, it will be private rented or temporary housing. 

We may not be able to offer you housing if you do not have rights to public funds. This is set by the Government. We can still offer housing advice and we will always try to help as much as we can. 

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