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Viewing a property

There are lots of steps you can take to make the most out of viewing a new property. It's a good idea to view a property in person before you agree to move in. You should carry out an inspection, and do not agree to pay money in advance of a viewing. Remember that once you sign a tenancy agreement, you're responsible for paying the rent. 

What to look for and what to ask

When you're visiting a new property you should try to prepare questions beforehand. Noting down the answers to your questions is helpful and please remember not to let the letting agent or landlord rush you. It's ok to take your time. 

If repairs or decoration will be carried out before you move in ask for this in writing and only accept the tenancy on the condition that this work is completed. 

Virtual Viewings

Sometimes in person viewings are not possible and a virtual viewing can be requested. Try to be cautious as what you are shown may not always be accurate. Live virtual tours are a good idea as it's unlikely this can be edited, and you can ask questions. If you view a property virtually you may be able to protect yourself should the property not be as shown.

You can sometimes agree to take the tenancy subject to an additional physical viewing, or agree a break clause that allows you to terminate the tenancy before the start date. 

What if the property is not as described 

If the agent or landlord incorrectly describes the property or refuses to carry out work you could have a right to cancel your tenancy agreement, or a right to a discount.

Consumer Protection

You have rights under the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008. 

The right to cancel your tenancy applies in limited circumstances for unfair business practices and it's only available within the first 90 days of the contract being signed. 

This includes when a tenant has been mislead before entering into a contract, or an aggressive business practice has taken place such as harassment, coercion or undue influence. 

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