Support for people who privately rent  - Private Renters in Camden


Support for people who privately rent 

We want private tenants to have safe and decent homes and to know where to go for advice if they are experiencing poor housing conditions. One third of households in Camden privately rent and unfortunately many experience problems with their landlords.

Jack Kane, an operational manager for Camden Council said: “Landlords need to make sure that the property is free from serious hazards, which may pose a danger to tenants, deal with any issues in relation to the water, gas or electricity supply and make sure that there are smoke alarms fitted on every floor.”
Many renters are not aware of their rights while privately renting and end up living in poor and illegal conditions, which are the responsibility of their landlord. 

Some common conditions that renters face include:
-    Overcrowding
-    Damp and mould
-    Heating
-    Fire safety hazards.

There’s lots of support available from the Council and other organisations if you are experiencing any housing issues. Watch our short video, where Jack highlights the support on offer, key advice and the steps you can take.


If you rent privately in Camden and need help and support on any housing issues, we’re here to help. Visit our webpages, email, [email protected] or phone 020 7974 2543.

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