Landlord pays private tenants £50,000 damages - Private Renters in Camden


Landlord pays private tenants £50,000 damages

Private tenants from Camden have been awarded over £50,000 after their landlord broke the law.

A court ordered the damages to be paid due to illegal living conditions in their homes.

The very poor standards included the removal of a kitchen wall – that was replaced by plastic sheeting during winter and lockdown – and allowing asbestos waste to remain in the front garden.

Justice for Tenants

The tenants were represented in their case by Justice For Tenants - a non-profit tenant advocacy service.

In court they also proved how the landlord had already been convicted of an HMO offence.

In the case the landlord claimed mitigating financial circumstances and that the tenants could not apply for the period of rent they were claiming. This was refuted by Justice For Tenants.

The Tribunal awarded 100% of the rent applied for - which was over £50,000 - under a Rent Repayment Order.

Having problems with your landlord?

If your landlord has not licensed the property you are renting or failed to comply with a council notice, you could be eligible to apply for a Rent Repayment Order.

If you need advice or representation for a Rent Repayment Order, please contact Justice For Tenants at [email protected]

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