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Alba’s story – a private tenant

‘…The Council had all these experts to really look after us as private tenants’

Many private tenants like Alba are not aware of their rights and end up living in homes that are in disrepair and in Alba’s case illegally rented. 

After contacting the Council, Alba who lives in shared housing was made aware that her home was an unlicensed property. With the support of the Council she was able to prosecute her landlord get a rent repayment order, which allowed Alba and her flat mates to reclaim a maximum of 12 months’ rent.

“I found the Camden Council leaflets at home. I didn’t know that the Council had all these experts to really look after us as private renters. Within the leaflets, I heard about what an HMO (House in Multiple Occupation) was, and I understood that my house qualified as one of these.”

Watch Alba’s story and find out more about her experience and the support she received. 

If you’re concerned about the property you live in, not sure if your landlord has a licence or concerned about a rented property nearby, please read our webpages for further guidance and help. 

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